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St Scholastica is a faith Community with Jesus Christ at its centre. It is a Community serving humanity, because of love, helps all and a cares for all. Responding to the mandate of Christ “Go and teach all nations…..we give priority to the work of evangelization”. Since 2004, St Scholastica was categorised as quintile two (2) which means learners are not required to pay school fees.

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St Scholastica’s school was founded by Dominican Sisters of King Williamstown in 1912. Four King Sisters arrived at St Benedict’s Mission, Noodshulp, near Magoebaskloof on the 25 July 1927 to answer a call to take over the school and boarding school from the Newcastle Dominican sisters who had been withdrawn. The King Sisters and their 60 boarders were moved to St Scholastica’s Mission, 80 miles north of Noodshulp in 1940 where King Sisters had been since 1929. In the face of great difficulty the sisters established a little school there and began to teach both children and adults about the Christian faith. The sisters visited the sick and a clinic was established in 1957.Black teachers were employed in the school and they received a great deal of help and encouragement from the sisters. The local chief transferred 100 of the pupils from the mission school to the local government school at Mulima in 1962.

In 1970 the school, as well as the orphanage which had been established there, had to be closed down because according to the Government’s Group Areas Policy, the mission and the surrounding land was declared to be part of the Venda Homeland. Then the missionaries were allowed to reopen the school provided it was attended by Venda children only. From now onwards it was compulsory that the Venda language be taught in the school. In 1972, the school was registered as St Scholastica’s Catholic School. For many years there was no electricity, but the biggest problem here was the lack of water. Eventually engineers who wanted to do charitable work ensured a water supply.


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